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An electrostatic measurement is particularly important to check whether surfaces, components or the human body are electrostatically charged. If a discharge occurs, electronic components can be damaged. In the worst case, flames can form with flammable gases and liquids. Such electrostatic charges can be found with the gauss meter. The electromagnetic field meter is therefore used for checking in ESD-protected production workshops. The measuring range of the electromagnetic field meter is ±60 kV DC.

The gauss meter can be grounded with the alligator clip included in the scope of delivery so that the electromagnetic field meter does not lose its measurement result itself or, if necessary, damage components in a production workshop due to an electric shock. The lasers on the electromagnetic field meter are used to optimally align the sensors.

In addition to measuring radiation, the gauss meter can measure ambient temperature and humidity at the same time. For mobile use, the electromagnetic field meter is operated with a 9 V block battery. The operating time for the electromagnetic field meter is a maximum of 20 hours. The current battery charge is displayed by the electromagnetic field meter via the battery status indicator.



  1. Battery life of a maximum of 20 hours
  2. Measuring range ±60 kV DC
  3. Acoustic signal when the measured value is exceeded
  4. Temperature and humidity display
  5. Laser for aligning the measuring device
  6. Easy to read display

Gauss Meter SFS 10 | 電磁高斯計

  • Electromagnetic field  
    Measuring range ±60 kV DC
    Resolution ±20 kV DC: 0.01 kV DC
      -60 ... -20 kV DC /
      +20 ... +60 kV DC: 0.1 kV DC
    Accuracy ±5 % of measured value
    Measuring range -40 ... 123.8 °C / -40 ... 254.8 °F
    Resolution 0.1 °C
    Accuracy ±1.5 °C
    Measuring range 0 ... 100 % RH
    Resolution 0.1 % RH
    Accuracy ±4.5 % RH
    Further specifications  
    Response time <100 ms
    Acoustic alarm when switching on the measuring device,
      5 seconds before the automatic shutdown,
      when the measuring range is exceeded
    Automatic shutdown        after 5 minutes
    Power supply 9 V block battery
    Operating time >20 hours
    Operating conditions 0 ... 40 °C / 32 ... 104 °F, 0 ... 60% RH, non-condensing
    Dimensions 123 x 70.4 x 21.5 mm / 4.8 x 2.7 x 0.84"
    Weight 147 g / 5.1 oz
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