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 The ELC-30S-H is a high capacity center hole resistive strain gage type load cell. It is used to determine the load in rock bolts, tieback anchors, etc through a center hole. It is similar to the ELC-30S load cell.


It comprises of sixteen 350 Ohm resistance strain gages, wired to form a 1400 Ohm bridge, inside a stainless steel cylinder of high steel strength, in a load cell with a capacity above 5000 kN. The 3500/185 and 5000/202 load cells are welded using the electron beam welding technique.

High Capacity Center Hole Load Cell - ELC-30S-H

  • • Rugged & robust construction

    • Suitable for hostile & severe environment

    • Temperature compensated

    • Eight or more strain gages incorporated to reduce positioning effect

    • Any standard strain gage bridge measuring read-out device can be used

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