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This professional high-speed TC225 TroublePix camera can be used in many areas, such as the monitoring of equipment and production lines, sporting events, etc. Access to the high-speed camera is via a 3.0 USB interface. The USB cable also supplies power along with video. You have 2 options to save the videos, either in memory or directly to the hard disk. The latter is always advisable if you do not know exactly when the event that you want to capture occurs. With its compact and robust design, this high-speed camera is ideal formobile use. With its 16 attachment points it is easy to securely fix the high-speed camera. With a memory of 1GB, you can record 12 seconds of videoat a resolution of 640 x 480 and 200 frames per second. That is more than enough to analyze a golf swing, or to control and optimizethe timing of production. For customer provided 32 mm lenses a C-mount adapter is required. Standard lens is 16 mm, F1.4 objective.

High-speed Camera TC225

  • - 128 MB RAM

    - 8 and 12 bit depth

    - 2.2 Megapixel

    - Snapshot Mode

    - HighestResolution: 2048 x 1088

    - LowestResolution: 640 x 120

    - SpecialResolution: 1000 x 64

    - Software (TroublePix)

    - 16 Attachment Points

    - Compact and robust design

    All videos are filmed with the "StreamViewHigh-speed camera". Please note that the quality and resolution of the video does not match the actual resolution of the camera, the resolution has been decreased for faster download.

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