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ICP 2060T Sequential Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer is designed to measure major, minor and trace elements in various samples with outstanding performance. 
2.It was widely chosen in different industries for its superior optical resolution, high level of automation, reliable free running RF system as well as excellent analytical precision and accuracy.
3.ICP2060T was widely applied in various fields ranging from rare earth, geology, metallurgy, chemistry, environmental protection, clinical medicine, petroleum products, semiconductors, foods, biological samples, criminal science, to agricultural research, etc.

ICP 2060T

  • Size: 1.5m×0.8m×0.8m
    Solid State Power
    Frequency stability:<0.05%
    Couple method: Auto match
    Output power:800W ~1600W, continuously adjustable with power efficiency more than 65%
    Output power stability:≤0.05%
    Induction coil:ID 25mm×3, equipped with three concentric quartz torch tubes of ED 35mm (ID: internal diameter; ED: external diameter)
    Spray chamber:Scott double pass spray chamber
    Optical type:Czery turner 
    Focal length:1000mm
    Grating specification:huge holographic grating with 3600L/mil or 2400 L/mil and 80 mm×100mm of ruling area
    Resolution:≤0.015nm (3600 line grating), ≤0.030nm (2400 line grating)
    Wavelength range:195~500 nm for 3600 line grating, 195~800 nm for 2400 line grating.
    Electronic Measurement& Control Circuit
    Photomultiplier tube specification:R212/R928
    Negative high voltage:(-50 ~ -1000) V
    Circuit measuring range:(10-12 ~ 10-4) A
    Signal acquisition:VF conversion
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