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Feed size40 mm
Final fineness< 300 μm
Motor speed2000~15000rpm/min
Time setting1s-10min
Batch quantity50-700ml
Interval modeyes
Knivesstainless steel、titanium
Number of blades2
Motor power1.1KW
Power supply220V,50Hz
Instrument size(W*H*D)260*343*454mm
Package size(W*H*D)466*516*630mm
Net weight17 kg

Knife Mill HM100

  • Feed size 40 mm
    Final fineness < 300 μm
    Motor speed 2000~15000rpm/min
    Time setting 1s-10min
    Batch quantity 50-700ml
    Interval mode yes
    Knives stainless steel、titanium
    Number of blades 2
    Motor power 1.1KW
    Power supply 220V,50Hz
    Instrument size(W*H*D) 260*343*454mm
    Package size(W*H*D) 466*516*630mm
    Net weight 17 kg
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