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The Multi position PCE-MSR-400 is a laboratory magnetic stirrer with up to 4 stirring points. The distance between two adjacent stirring points in the multiposition magnetic stirrer is 95 mm. Due to the operation mode based on induction a low-noise operation and a flat design of the stirrer are possible. The 4 stirring fields are designed in stainless steel and have a working surface of 385/122 mm. With the help of this laboratory magnetic stirrer liquid media with the volume of up to 400 ml in each stirring point can be slightly, quickly and safely mixed.

The stirring speed in the multi position magnetic stirrer can be universally adjusted between 15-1200 rev / min. The stirrer mixes slowly, from the mild start to the preset stirring speed in order to avoid splashing. The inductive stirring drive is wear and maintenance free. An integrated timer allows choosing stirring time at will from 1 up to 99 minutes. The reverse stirring function allows a change of direction of the rotation every 30 seconds.

If you have any further questions concerning the multi position magnetic stirrer, you are welcome to check the following technical specifications or to use our contact form, or to call us. Our technicians and engineers will be glad to give any kind of assistance concerning the " Multi position magnetic stirrer” or all the other products from the section control systems, laboratory technology, measuring instruments or weighing equipment of the PCE Instruments.

Laboratory Stirrer MSR 400

  • Drive of the stirring points inductive
    Max. Speed 1200 rev min -1
    Max. Stirring points / distance between stirring points 4/95 mm
    Adjustable timer 1 ... 99 min
    Adjustable speed 15 ... 1200 rpm -1
    Speed accuracy +/- 100 rpm -1
    Max stirring volume per stirring position 400 ml, based on water
    Ambient conditions +5 ... +40 ° C
    Protection class IP 65
    Stirring plate dimensions 385 x 122 mm
    Dimensions 457 x 126 x 13.4 mm
    Weight 1.9 kg
    Current consumption 100 ... 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
    Output voltage 9 Volt
    Input 13 W
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