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Industrial laser distance meter for fixed mounting with SPS

The DLS-CH15 laser distance meter is used to measure distances accurately in the industry sector. This laser distance meter can measure for example filling of containers, the position of objects on the conveyor or the thickness of rolls and cilinders, as well as store and evaluate data on the PC. You can connect the laser distance meter to a SPS for handling and reading. The potential uses of the laser distance meter are manifold. The laser distance meter is very easy to install with the help of the M4 and it is fed through the network (9 - 30 VDC). The standard version of this Elaser distance meter should always be used in connection with a PC. The measurement is activated from the PC or monitor. The measurement values are given in either analogue or digital. To connect the laser distance meter to a PLC, it will not be necessary to use a PC. For this, it must be noted that the SPS has an RS-232 or RS-422 available to serve as a connection to the laser distance meter.

Laser Distance Meter DLS-CH15

  • Measurement range 25 ... 65 m in natural surfaces 
    25 ... 150 m with testing target
    Accuracy ± 1,5 mm
    Resolution  0,1 mm
    Measurement time  0,2 s ... 4 s for single measurements
     0,15 s for long measurements
    laser type  class II (620 - 690 nm)
    Diameter of the laser point en mm per meter  from 6 mm to 10 m, 30 mm to 0 m,  60 mm to 100 m
    Interface RS-232 y RS-422
    Output 0/4 ... 20 mA
    Software  included
    Power supply  external  9 ... 30 V DC
    Current juack max 140 mA to 24V
    Temperature range -40 ... +50 ºC single measurement
    -40 ... +45 ºC continuos measurement
    Storage temperature -40 ºC ... +70 ºC
    Display 4 LED
    Holder 3 screw M 4
    Protection IP 65
    Case aluminium
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