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Leeb Hardness Tester NOVOTEST T-D2-R is a special version of the dynamic hardness tester with a miniature probe. The device has all the functions necessary for operation and allows to perform rapid measurements of the hardness of metals to the operator without experience with similar equipment.

It is usually used for bulk products, has low requirements for the quality of the testeded surface, grain size and uniformity of materials.



  • The best price among all similar devices
  • The best offer (functionality-quality-price ratio) among all dynamic hardness testers
  • DC type probe is the most universal, due to it’s small size, it can be used for testing of samples with limited access (inside pipes, etc.)
  • Wide range of hardness measurement
  • Allows to test the products with coarse, non-uniform structure (castings, forgings)
  • Very ease and simplicity in setup and operation
  • Wide range of the operation temperature
  • Bright contrasrt display

User can save the results of hardness measurements into the internal memory of the device and after that, transfer them to the PC.


Leeb Hardness Tester T-D2-R

  • e of hardness value
    • Rockwell, HRC: 20 – 70
    • Brinell, HB: 90 – 650
    • Vickers, HV: 230 – 940
    • Can be calibrated for any scale and any range.
    Measurement accuracy
    • HRC: 2HRC
    • HB: 10HB
    • HV: 15HV
    Hardness scale
    • Leeb probe – HRC, HB, HV, HL
    • Additional custom scales for calibration.
    • Leeb probe – pre-calibrated for steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum or cast iron.
    • Additional custom scales and materials for calibration.
    Standards ASTM A956, ASTM E140
    Storage of measurement results 256
    Dimensions, mm 122*65*23
    Operating temperature range, ° C -25 to +40
    Power supply 2pcs AA batteries
    Batteries life, not less, h 20
    Weight of electronic unit with batteries, no more, kg 0.2
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