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The Light Meter MAVO-SPOT 2 USB is a precision meter that complies with the high demands in areas of professional use. This light meter MAVO-SPOT 2 USB allows  measurements at 1 °  angle from 1 m distance to infinity. Through the optional telephoto lenses, the light meter MAVO-SPOT 2 USB can reduce the minimum distance of 34 cm. A measurement of exposure with a high-quality photometric head is also possible, this is an additional component. With the measurement of luminous intensity, ambient light is taken into account. These measurements are powered by a reflex optical field of view of 15 º. In the center,  the measuring circuit of 1º is well marked and a focusing device offers a sharper focus of the object. The integrated light sensor is adapted to the degree of spectral sensitivity of the human eye, thanks to colour correction. In order to recover the measured values for documentation or analysis, this light meter MAVO-SPOT 2 USB contains an internal memory that records up to 1000 measurement values. The Light Meter MAVO-SPOT 2 USB meets the standards DIN 5032-7 class B and EN 13032-1, Appendix B. Some fields of use are, for example, light density measurements of display screens for computer tomography measurements, measurements of  lighting in roads, tunnels and airports, reflections at workplaces or illumination analysis in museums and public buildings.

Light Measuring Device MAVO-SPOT 2 USB

  • Ranges 0.01 cd/m² ... 99,99 kcd/m²
    Measurement angles
    Visual range 15º
    Sharpness range 1 m up to ¥
    Measurements functions Light intensity in cd/m² or fl
    Light intensity as a percentage
    MEM memory function
    Introduction CORR correction value
    Lux (LUX) with standard reflection (optional)
    Measurement Methods Distance Measurement
    Overplaced mesurement (optional)
    Norms Class B according to DIN 5032-7 and DIN 13032-1 Appendix B
    Light Density Units cd/m² o fL
    Light Sensor Silicon photodiode with (l) V filter
    Memory 1000 values
    Interface USB 2.0 (compatible with 1.1)
    Environmental conditions 0 ... 50 ºC / 32 ... 122 °F (workshop)
    -20 ... +70 ºC / -4 ... 158 °F (stored)
    Power supply 2 x batteries- 1.5 V AA
    Weight approx. 400 g / 14.1 oz (without batteries)
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