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Light Meter Mavo-Monitor USB MM-5032
Lux Meter for measurements in contact with the luminous object in cd / m² with USB port

The Light Measuring Device Monitor Mavo-USB  is a lux meter to measure in contact with a luminous object or illuminated surfaces. With the Light Measuring Device Monitor Mavo-USB you can measure the light density in screens, flat panel displays (CRT / LCD) tables, reflectors, signage, TV displays, traffic signs, and other displays. The luminance is classified according to DIN 5032 / T7 and CIE no. 69. This Light Measuring Device Monitor Mavo-USB is equipped with a USB port that can transmit measured values to a PC or a laptop. Transmitted values can be stored for later analyses. The handheld Light Measuring Device Monitor Mavo-USB for professional use in industries, service workshops, for special controls, and inspections according to existing prevention and safety norms; it is used specially in jobs that involve the use of screens in the fields of medicine and offices. This Light Measuring Device Monitor Mavo-USB uses the unit candle per square meter (cd / m²).

Light Meter Mavo-Monitor USB

  • Ranges 0.01 ... 19990 cd / m² (Candle / m²)
    in four measurement ranges
    Resolution 0,01 cd/m²     de       0,01 ... 19,99 cd/m²
    0,1 cd/m²     de        01 ... 199,9 cd/m²
    1 cd/m²      de        1 ... 1.999 cd/m²
    10 cd/m²     de     10 ... 19.990 cd/m²
    Accuracy ± 2,5 % of the measurement value + 4 dígits
     with incandescent light (standard light type A)
    ± 3,3 % of the measurement values with other types of light (according to CIE TC - 2,2)
    Measurement rate 2 measurements per second
    Display 3 1/2 positions LCD display
    Light sensor Silicon photodiode with V (l)filter , according to DIN 5032, section 7
    Measurement principles Measurement of contact where the tube is placed on the measurement surface
    Light sensor dimensions 32 x 105 x 95 mm
    opening: 18.5 mm
    Measuring surface: 6.5 x 6.5 mm
    Meter dimensions 65 x 120 x 19 mm
    Functions Data hold
    Memory 100 values
    Power supply 1 x 1.5 V battery or accumulator
    Sensor cable length-meter 1,5 m
    Weight 265 g
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