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The Lux Meter LXT consists of a measurement sensor and a small wall bracket or holder with a 1.5 m cable, and a light transmitter. The application field of the Lux Meter LXT is the continuous measurement of daylight and light control in photo labs and production facilities, such as in the manufacturing of food and medicine. The digital analogue output of the Lux Meter LXT can be used to control valves or to save the signals from the transmitter in a data logger, to assess and document them.

Lux Meter LXT TRM

  • Lux Meter sensor
    Measurement Range 0 ... 50,000 lux en three ranges
    Resolution 0.1 lx / 1 lx
    Accuracy ±5% of reading ±10 digits (<10,000 lux)
    ±10% of reading ±10 digits (>10,000 lux)
    Repeatability ± 5%
    Sensor photodiode with colour correction filter according to CIE
    Power supply by the transmitter of the light transducer
    Cable length (from the sensor transmitter to the light transducer) 1.5 m / 4.9 ft
    Environmental conditions máximo 80 % H. r. / 0 ... + 50 °C / 32 ... 122 °F
    Housing material ABS plastic

    Transmitter of the Lux Meter
    Housing ABS plastic
    Power supply 90 ... 260 ACV
    Calibration adjustable with slave screw of the light transducer
    Output 4 ... 20 mA
    Protection type IP 54
    Environmental conditions for the light transducer maximum 85 % R.H. / 0 ... + 50 °C / 32 ... 122 °F
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