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Acoustic Stethoscope S 40
Acoustic stethoscope for maintenance and servicing of machines /
measuring tip approx. 16.5 cm / earpieces made of soft plastic /
total length approx. 1 m

The S 40 is an acoustic stethoscope which amplifies machine noises. An acoustic stethoscope makes it possible to detect noises in bearings, fan flaps, pumps and similar parts. In mechanical engineering, it is used for preventive maintenance to diagnose potential machine faults before they arise. When listening to a machine through an acoustic stethoscope, noises can be amplified, which should not occur when a machine works normally. This includes, e. g., knocking or grinding noises which imply that the interior of the machine is damaged.
An acoustic stethoscope for industrial use consists of an ear clip, a cable and a measuring tip. Our acoustic stethoscope receives the noises at the measuring tip and then transfers them directly to the ear clip via the cable. At the end of the ear clips, you will find the “earpieces“ which can be re-ordered and replaced when necessary. Since the earpieces aere made of soft plastic, the ear is perfectly sealed when hearing the noises so that the human eardrum is not exposed to any background noises.

Mechanics Stethoscope S 40

  • Material of earpieces soft plastic
    Dimensions (total) 1 m (incl. measuring tips and ear clips)
    Dimensions measuring tips approx. 16.5 cm
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