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Mechanics Stethoscope for use in machinery maintenance and repair

The PCE-S 41 Mechanics Stethoscope is battery powered and easy to use. This Mechanics Stethoscope can be used for detecting noise in machine components, such as gears, valves, vents and pumps. This makes the Mechanics Stethoscope a useful tool in inspecting noise and vibration, giving the maintenance team the chance to locate the source of a problem before it becomes too costly. The enclosure of the Mechanics Stethoscope is made of ABS plastic which is comfortable to hold and operate. The device uses a piezoelectric transducer which can detect very low resonant noises. The earpiece is equipped with an adjustable headset that has a 2 m cable.

Mechanics Stethoscope S 41

  • Frequency range 100 Hz to 10 kHz
    Volume adjustable
    Power 9V battery
    Enclosure ABS
    Operating temperature -10 ... 55 °C / 14 ... 131 °F
    Dimensions 206 x 50 x 32 mm / 8.11 x 1.9 x 1.2 in
    Sensors (attachable) 1 mm x 290 mm ; 1 mm x 70mm (long) 
    0.04 in x 11.4 in ; 0.04 in x 2.8 in
    Sensor composition Steel
    Weight 240 g / 0.53 lbs with battery
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