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Stethoscope STE- 3
Stethoscope for use during maintenance and service/ volume regulation/ operates with use of a piezo-transducer/ allows accurate localisation of irregular sounds/ delivered with headphones

The STE-3 Stethoscope is an electronic stethoscope made for acoustic engine diagnosis and operates by using a piezo-transducer that detects even the quietest sound. With the Stethoscope, defects can be detected or at least narrowed down without stripping down the construction part or engine, and damages due to storage can be recognized at a very early stage, making it so higher subsequent loss can be avoided. The measuring tip of the Stethoscope is held near the motor block, the gear, or any other construction part and possible sounds from the inner works of the engine or construction part will be amplified. Is there an irregular sound from the engine? With the Stethoscope these sounds can be easily detected. For further diagnosis of errors a lot of experience is required, but whether there is an irregularity or not can be easily detected by every beginner. Due to the Stethoscopes headphones, the problem is easily recognizable without any distracting surrounding sounds. Furthermore, the sound volume of the head phones is adjustable on the Stethoscope. The large calliper on the Stethoscope is designed for digital volume control in 32 steps, in order to regulate the recorded sounds in their volume. The selected volume is shown via three light diodes. The headphone of the Stethoscope is equipped with two adjustable ear taps, to which a cable of 2 m (6.6 ft) length is added. The Stethoscope will be delivered with headphones and measuring tips as well as a plastic case.

Mechanics Stethoscope STE-3

  • Frequency range 30 Hz...15 kHz
    Sound volume adjustable
    Speaker 8W
    Voltage supply 4 x 1.5 V AAA batteries (incl.) for approx. 30 hrs. operation time
    Enclosure ABS
    Surrounding temperature 0 ... 45 ºC / 32 ºF ... 113 ºF
    Dimensions Device: 300 mm x 40 mm x 40 mm
                  11.8 in x 1.6 in x 1.6 in
    Nail sensor (removable): 1 mm x 300 mm; 1 mm x 70 mm (length)
                                         0.04 in x 11.8 in; 0.04 in x 2.8 in
    Sensor material steel
    Weight 240 g / 0.5 lbs (battery incl.)
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