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3-Phase PAT Tester to measure the electric safety of single- and -phase electrical operating equipment. According to regulations are to test: resistance of protective conductor, insulation resistance, alternative leakage current, differential current, contact current, protection conductor current. The 3-Phase PAT Tester metratester 5-3P correlates with the regulations for workshop equipment of factories of electric installations issued by ZVEH, WFE, EVU etc. The 3-Phase PAT Tester can eligibly be operated via the two power supply connectors to an isolated ground receptacle or a 16 A CEE- mains socket. DIN VDE tests without mains operation: Protective conductor resistance, insulation resistance, alternative leakage current. DIN VDE inspections with mains operation at all single- and 3-phase devices: differential current, contact current. Efficacy checks with measurement of current input and voltage in the phases L1/L2/L3. The protective conductor is to be measured according to DIN VDE 0104 "right". Via a contact surface for finger contact the protective conductor potential is to be inspected. The signal lamp PE glows whenever between the touched contact surfaces and the protective contact of the electric supply socket, there is a potential difference of more than 100 V. The measurement of the differential current correlates with the guidelines about repeating tests DIN VDE 0702. All safety and operational tests are performed practically by overriding the supply voltage or the individual phases via switches onto the test objects. All measuring values are indicated clearly legible at a large digital display. Above all transgressions of thresholds are indicated optically as well as partially acoustic. The 3-Phase PAT Tester will be delivered in an inspection case with aluminium frame, whereas the demountable top can be locked.

Metratester 5-3P

  • Electrical safety Protection class I
    Overvoltage category 300 V CAT II
    RCD protection RCD 4-pole 25 A 30 mA at connection socket of test panel
    Protections test panel: 3 x B16/ tester: 1 x T 0.1/ 250 G
    Current Supply Supply voltage  230/ 400 V 50 Hz
    Electric supply eligibly via - Protective conductor power line 1P+N+PE 230 V/16 A
    - 5-pole CEE power line 3P+N+PE 400 V/16 A
    Through circuit Nominal consumption/phase 16/20 A 10 min
    Connections 1 CEE power socket 3P+N+PE 16 A 400 V
    1 CEE power socket 3P+N+PE 16 A 230 V
    1 Schuko socket 1P+N+PE 16 A 230 V
    5 safety sockets L1/L2/L3/N and PE for device inspections without connecting plug, 
    2 safety sockets for continuity tests
    Surrounding conditions Operation -10…+55 °C
    Storage: -25…+70 °C
    Air humidity max. 75 % exclude bedewing
    Height above sea level up to 2000 m
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