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The milliohmmeter C.A 6250 measures the connection quality by measuring the smallest resistances. The milliohmmeter C.A 6250 offers three different measurement types. Depending on the choice, the milliohmmeter offers the inductive measurement, the resistive measurement and even the AUTO-resistive measurement with automatic resolution. These three measurement types of the milliohmmeter in turn lead to many measurement capabilities. The milliohmmeter C.A 6250 checks and measures the passages of a mass, the metallization and surface conditions, the quality of contact switches and relays, cable and winding resistance, but also heating of motors and transformers. The main functions of the milliohmmeter C.A 6250 are the temperature compensation on the one hand, with which you always get comparable results, and on the other hand, the device has a programmable alarm and a large memory, which stores up to 1500 readings. The milliohmmeter has a large measurement range of 1 μΩ to 2500 Ω. The milliohmmeter C.A 6250 provides you with guaranteed accuracy for each measurement. This is accomplished via its 4-wire measurements and the automatic compensation of interferences. In addition to being easy to operate, the milliohmmeter C.A 6250 also has a large, backlit LCD display. Thus, the results are always easy to read, and due to numerous facts and figures that are displayed, and evaluation of the measurement results and the key functions is easier. The milliohmmeter is powered by a NiMH battery, which naturally is recharged. The small size of the milliohmmeter is optimal. Because it can be transported so easily, it is suited for measurements in the field, but it performs its functions reliably in the workshop or laboratory, as well.

Milliohmmeter C.A 6250

  • 5 μΩ Resolution: 0.1 μΩ
    Accuracy: 0.05 % ± 1.0 μΩ
    Measurement current: 10 A
    25 μΩ Resolution: 1 μΩ
    Accuracy: 0.05 % ± 3 μΩ
    Measurement current: 10 A
    250 mΩ Resolution: 10 μΩ
    Accuracy: 0.05 % ± 30 μΩ
    Measurement current: 10 A
    2.5 Ω Resolution: 0.1 mΩ
    Accuracy: 0.05 % ± 0.3 mΩ
    Measurement current: 1 A
    25 Ω Resolution: 1 mΩ
    Accuracy: 0.05 % ± 3 mΩ
    Measurement current: 100 mA
    250 Ω Resolution: 10 mΩ
    Accuracy: 0.05 % ± 30 mΩ
    Measurement current: 10 mA
    2500 Ω Resolution: 100 mΩ
    Accuracy: 0.05 % ± 300 mΩ
    Measurement current: 1 mA
    Power supply NiMH rechargeable battery
    Electrical safety IEC 61010-1 / 50 V CAT III
    Protection IP 64
    Dimensions 270 x 250 x 180 mm
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