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The (handheld) Milliohmmeter PKT 1220 is a combination of a digital Milliohmmeter with 1-channel memory and TRMS multimeter. This handheld Milliohmmeter PKT 1220 is the ideal solution for many applications. Its creative and simplified design makes this device easy to handle, and the TFT colour 3.8" display (resolution: 320 x 240 pixels and 65,535 colours) can display the curves easily. To allow mobile work, the handheld Milliohmmeter PKT 1220 has a lithium-ion battery, which ensures a continuous operation thanks to its long battery life. Thus, this device is ideal for measurements in the workplace or on site. Due to the automatic range adjustment and an automatic configuration, you can work with the handheld Milliohmmeter quickly and safely. The measurement values can be transmitted to PC via USB port. The integrated meter has all the standard functions and is also equipped to measure capacity. If you have any questions about the handheld Milliohmmeter, see the techncial data below. Our engineers and technicians will advice you on the handheld Milliohmmeter or any other product on the field of regulation and control, measuring instruments and scales or balances.

Milliohmmeter PKT-1220

  • Bandwidth 20 MHz
    Display 9.7 cm, TFT 3.8" (320 x 240 pixels), 65,535 colours
    Channels 1
    Horizontal component
    Temporal base 5 ns - 100 s/div
    Current time sample speed 0.25 S/s ... 100 MS/s
    Accuracy 100 ppm
    Vertical component
    Sensitivity 5 mV - 5 V/div
    Input coupling DC, AC, GND
    Input resistance 1 MΩ ±2 % in parallel with 15 pF ± 5 pF
    Maximum input voltage 400 V/DC and AC ss
    DC3% accuracy 3 %
    A/D transducer 8 bit
    Raising flank  <17.5 ns
    Trigger mode flank, videoalternate, 
    Trigger Trigger
    Trigger coupling DC, AC, LF-REJ, HF-REJ
    Measuring functions
    Automatic measurements 19 parameters
    Mathematic waveform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, FFT
    Memory function 2,000.000 points (1 channel)
    Memory of wave form 4 waveforms
    Port USB
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