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Mitutoyo Precision Vernier Caliper


The Mitutoyo 0 to 150mm range precision vernier calliper is a highly accurate measuring instrument. It is enabled with a rule and a slider made from tempered, stainless steel. It allows measurement of interior and exterior surfaces, as well as, depths, with the gauge.


Features and Benefits

  • Different reading scales on vernier
  • Plain and basic design
  • Clamping screw atop the slider
  • High accuracy model with ±0.03mm
  • The small vernier face angle (14°) provides easy reading
  • Matte chrome rule and vernier
  • Reinforced measurement notches

Mitutoyo 150mm Vernier Caliper 0.02 mm

  • Attribute Value
    Caliper Type Vernier
    Capacity 150mm
    Imperial or Metric Metric
    Display Type Analogue
    Accuracy ±0.03 mm
    Resolution 0.02 mm
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