The PAT test equipment fulfils all demands of the standards and has a GS- sign of the TÜV. Due to introduction of the PAT standards 0701/702, at new installations and modifications of electric devices with protection class I, II, and III for protection of the user, different measurements have to be applied.
The prescribed measurements according to DIN VDE 0701/0702/VBG4 can be performed with the pat test equipment quickly and without problems so that a testing of the grounding conductor resistance, the replacement leakage current, touch current, the isolation resistance, zero potential and protective conductor current is provided. The internal RS-232 C interface of the pat test equipment allows the documentation of the measuring operation and their analysis with a software package

PAT Tester PKT-2775

  • Range R-PE 20 Ω
    Method UO ~ 20 VAC, IK > 200 mA
    Threshold indication 0,10 / 0,30 / 1,00 Ω
    Isolation resistance
    Range R-ISO MΩ
    Method UN > 500 VDC, IK < 5 mA
    Threshold indication 2,00 / 1300/ 0,30 MΩ
    Replacement leakage current
    Range I-EA 20 mA
    Method UO ~ 40 VAC, IK < 2 mA
    Threshold indication 0,25 / 0,50 / 3,50 mA
    Zero potential
    Range I-ABL 4 mA
    Method direct
    Threshold indication 0,25 mA
    Touch current
    Range I-ABL 4 mA
    Method direct
    Threshold indication 0,50 mA
    Protection line current
    Range I-ABL 4 mA
    Method direct
    Threshold indication 3,5 mA
    Operating voltage 230 V AC/ 50 Hz
    Dimensions 100 x 195 x 40 mm

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