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The advanced pH meter stands for precision, user-friendliness, and GLP compliance (Good Laboratory Practice). With a high-resolution LCD display, the pH meter provides a clear and concise presentation of measurement values. GLP compliance is ensured through automatic data recording and traceable documentation. It allows measurement of pH or redox value and temperature with external sensors. 


- Fast, precise pH and temperature measurement

- Redox measurement (with optional electrode)

- GLP data management

- Easy 2, 3, 4, and 5-point calibration

- Calibration reminder

- Permanent Measurement Verification (PMV)

- Graphical display of measurement history

- Data logger

pH Meter PH 228

  • pH  
    Measurement Range -2 pH ... +20 pH
    Resolution 0.001 pH
    Accuracy ± 0.002 pH + 2 digits
    Designation PE-03
    Measurement Range +1 pH ... +13 pH
    Temperature Range 5 ... 60 °C
    Application Aqueous non-corrosive media
    Reference Electrolyte Ag/AgCl
    Shaft Material Epoxy resin
    Shaft Length 160 mm
    Shaft Diameter 12 mm
    Cable Length 1 m
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