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PLACID PMNU21, Class 1 USB measurement microphone integrates a test microphone, microphone preamplifier, a 24 bit A/D converter and USB interface, It transmits measurement data seamless to a PC or a mobile terminal through a USB cable. The Class 1 microphone carries out high performance noise measurements with test software.



PLACID PMNU21 Class 1 USB Measurement Microphone

  • • Application: Precision Noise measurement /sound recording
    • Microphone: 1/2 inch pre polarized condenser microphone
    • Class 1 IEC61672
     Frequency range: 20Hz 20KHz
    • Nominal sensitivity: 50mV / PA
    • Dynamic range: 26dB 126dB
    • Sampling frequency: 48KHz
    • Sampling bits: 16bit • USB standard: USB2.0, downward compatible with USB1.1
    • USB power supply: 5V
    • Overall dimension: total length 118 mm, diameter 13 mm, outer diameter 13 mm
    • Weight: 40g

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