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Encardio-rite model EDI-54V indicator is an advanced micro-processor based unit which can be used to log data from Encardio-rite range of vibrating wire sensors. The indicator uses a smartphone with Android OS as readout with a user friendly software for configuration, retrieving and viewing sensor data.


The huge computational and image processing power of smartphone allows the application to display the logged data as tables and graphs and keep a record of previous data. This allows the operator to verify the logged data and investigate any anomaly immediately at site. The measured reading can be viewed in terms of time period, frequency, frequency squared or directly in relevant engineering units.

Portable Indicator for VW Sensors

  • Robust, easy to operate and low cost.

    • Mobile Phone as readout unit, with a user friendly application for viewing and analyzing the recorded data

    • Data storage for around 525,000 readings stamped with the date and time

    • Storage facility for calibration coefficients of over 10,000 sensors

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