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Radkeeper Personal is a compact, lightweight, portable radiation detector (also known as a geiger counter, radiation meter or radioactivity meter) that detects X-rays and gamma rays. When radiation greater than 10 µSv/h (1 mR/h) is detected, the radiation detector simultaneously beeps and flashes. As radiation increases, the interval between warnings becomes shorter. 

Radiation Detector Radkeeper Personal

  • Radiation detected X-rays and gamma rays
    Energy range 60 keV to 1.2 MeV
    Alarm signals (red LED light flash and beep)
    (Average values relative to Cs-137)
    (Before emitting the first radiation beep, the device emits two short beeps to notify the user that the device is receiving an external signal.)
    Silence: Radiation below 10 µSv/h
    1 beep/min: 10 µSv/h
    2 beeps/min: 20 µSv/h
    3 beeps/min: 30 µSv/h
    20 beeps/min: 200 µSv/h
    Continuous alarm: > 200 µSv/h
    Operating mode Continuous operation
    Power supply 2 x 1.5 V button cells (SR44W)
    Battery life More than 6 months (continuous operation in absence of radiation)
    Operating temperature -10 °C to +40 °C
    Other functions Battery-test button
    Signal emitted when battery is low (every hour over a 48-hour period)
    Dimensions 55 x 47 x 14 mm (without clip)
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