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The radioactivity meter is a small, highly sensitive radiation warning device mainly used for monitoring X, ß and y. Black and white illuminated OLED display that is clearly visible even at night. It has a warning flashing function.


The radioactivity meter itself has two alarm modes: sound and LED light. The alarm limit can be set as desired. When the alarm limit is reached, an alarm is given, for protection. The main technical indicators of the device comply with the international standard.



  1. - Clip design
  2. - OLED display
  3. - USB-C charging socket

Radioactivity Meter RAM 5 | 輻射計

  • X-, ß- and y-rays  
    Measuring range 0.05 usv ... 50 msv based on 137 Cs y
    Accuracy -17 % ... + 25 %
    Data interface USB-C
    Charging time 2 - 3 hrs.
    Operating time approx. 50 hrs.
    Battery capacity 400 mAh
    Response 5 s
    General technical data  
    Menu language English
    Protection class IP40
    Weight 19 g
    Length 108 mm
    Diameter 15,3 mm
    Storage and operating conditions   -10 ... + 50 °C, 10 ... 95 %
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