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The Roughness Tester RT 10 is a small, lightweight device with simple navigation. Despite the fact that the device functions on a very complex and elaborate level, the measurement results can be gained quickly and easily. Due to its rugged design the device has a long lifetime. This device is calibrated on ISO, DIN, ABSI and JIS standards. The surface texture meter can be applied for various mechanical manufacturing processes as a controlling equipment. The device indicates all calculated measurement results on its LCD display any time. In order to measure the roughness of a surface, the sensor is to be placed onto that surface. Afterwards the sensor samples evenly the surface following its guide rail. Now the device will calculate the measuring values. Thus the indicated values are a result of the sensor's movement, while it is induced with electricity. The fast DSP processing supports quick measurements results, which are then shown on the surface texture meter's display. 


Roughness Tester RT 10

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