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Scratch Hardness Coating Tester NOVOTEST SH-1518 (ball type) is used for hardness testing of coatings (paint, mastic, plastic and others) through determining the hardness resistance to indentation of the ball tip diameter of 1 mm. Scratch Hardness Coating Tester NOVOTEST SH-1518 is designed according to ISO6441. Also it is used for testing of the coating resistance to the  scratching (ISO1518).

The device can be used on uneven surfaces, surfaces with curvature and limited sizes.


The device has lightweight and can be carried in the pocket, which allows users to use it even during manufacturing processes.

User can set the load force through changing the spring tension and secure it with locking screws.


Device has small weight and size, so it is very convenient in daily operation. Also it has very simple and reliable design.

Scratch Hardness Coating Tester SH-1518

  • Indenter ball tip with 1 mm diameter
    The load range, F up to 2,5 kg  (with steps 0,2 kg) – model 1
      up to 4,0 kg  (with steps 0,4 kg) – model 2
    Operating temperature range -10 ° C to +40 ° C
    Total length 160 mm
    Diameter 16 mm
    Weight, net: approx. 0,25 kg
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