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The Encardio-rite earth and concrete pressure cell basically consists of a flexible, circular flat capsule connected to a specially designed pressure sensor by a 6 mm x 170 mm long stainless steel tube. Like any closed hydraulic system, pressure cell is sensitive to temperature effects.


Any change in temperature of surrounding concrete can give an unauthentic reading, magnitude of which depends upon elasticity of surrounding concrete and relative coefficient of expansions of materials in contact & filled fluid inside the pressure cell.


The sensor has an in-built thermistor to assist in separating these unauthentic temperature effects from actual pressure changes. Encardio-rite offers three types of pressure cells – earth pressure cells, concrete pressure cells and interface pressure cells.

Soil-rock Interface Pressure Cell EPS-30V-I

  • • Reliable, accurate, robust and low cost

    • Long term stability with high reliability.

    • High sensitivity and high pressure range.

    • Low volumetric displacement.

    • Fluid filled for high rigidity, accurate and fast response.

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