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ST-11 |  快速設定 Quick Manual

ST-11D  |  Leq 設定及檢查紀錄 Leq Setup and Data Recall

校正設定 Calibrator Tutorial

工作安全噪音管理 | 預防高噪音風險說明


ST-11D complies with the latest standard IEC 61672:2013. Safeguard and ensure employees hearing and occupational safety at the front line. Data Logging and Sound Recording enables further analyzing long period data. Storage supported by built-in memory or connection with hard-drive. Low power combustion and USB port charging allow long hour usage. Measures and displays Leq value. Shows Equivalent Continuous Sound Level and Sound Exposure upon chosen time period.


Excellent Performance

Built in smart integrating algorithms and wide measuring range 27-140dB competent in most rigorous industrial use. Through friendly user interface and various output options, ST-11D can be controlled by telemetry and enables external system integration. Additional data logging and sound recording function in ST-11D help record long term data.

Lightweight, portable but perfectly formed. ST-11D out stands the market with excellent performance.

Sound Level Meter ST-11D | 符合環保及勞工署標準

  • Model ST-11D
    Fulfils Standard IEC 61672 Class 1
    Dimensions 310×72×32 mm
    Normal frequency 10 Hz~20 kHz
    Measurement range 27 ~140 dB
    Main Parameters of Measurement LFp, LSp, LIp, Leq,t, Lpeak, Leq,T, LFmax, LFmin, LSmax, LSmin, LImax, LImin, SEL, Lex8h, LAVG, TWA, DOSE, Ln1, Ln2, Ln3, Ln4, Ln5, SD,Ts, Tm, Volt, E.
    Display 128×64 OLED
    Weight 0.4kg
    Application Sound level meter/ Noise Dosimeter/Data logging & Precision recording(Opt)
    Power Supply battery 4×LR 6 or external power supply
    Contents Meter, microphone, windscreen, calibration certificate, carrying case, English manual
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