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e Scarlet ST-130 Noise Dosimeter is the ideal tool to carry out occupational and industrial hygiene noise measurements and provide a unique solution for these applications. ST-130 is designed to meet the standard dose measurement of OHSA, IEC and ISO regulations. To measure long-term noise exposure, the ST-130 comes with small, lightweight, cable-free designs and can be worn on the shoulder for minimal inconvenience. Scarlet ST-130/S series offer the low cost but hight performance noise dosimeter for all applications. To know more about our range of compact and convenient noise measurement products, please get in touch today.

ST-130 Noise Dosimeter

    • Evaluation of environmental noise and logging
    • Measurements of occupational noise at workplaces
    • Compliance with noise at Work Regulations and occupational noise exposure guidelines
    • Monitoring and recording of long term noise exposure
    • Noise exposure measurements in hazardous environments such as oil fields, petrochemical plants and underground mines
    • Measurement of noise exposure in the entertainment and music industries
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