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Colour measurement without contact / colour meter according to LAB regulations / ΔE 
measurement/ Bluetooth colour transmission / for all surfaces / easy to use


The colour meter colorStriker has been developed to measure colour without a contact to the measured object. Colour measurement will be carried out with the simple push of a button. The colour meter colorStriker receives the value of colours using two "true colour" sensors. The sensors are convincing for their longevity. After a minimum of 1 million measurements at the earliest is when you start to notice differences in the values measured. Measuring with colorStriker stands out for its high precision in repetitions, a great advantage to measure colours with the colorStriker meter is that measurements are carried out completely without any contact. This means that the user is able to measure almost all surfaces. The measured values will be sent to the computer via Bluetooth. The analysis of colour measurement is carried out using the software included. With this software, the user can compare the current colour measurements with previous measurements and is able to analyse them. The colorStriker meter is used for measurements of colored automobile parts, in the packaging industry, production of plastics or architecture. If there are any questions about the colour meter colorStriker have a look at the technical specification below. Our technicians and engineers will gladly advise you in all colour meters and all products in the field of measuring instruments, regulation and control and scales.

Surface Testing - Color Meter colorStriker

  • Type of device true color meter
    Geometries 45º / 1º bzw. 1º / 45º
    Regulations ISO 13655, DIN 5033
    Resolution 12 bit for each color channel
    Measurement range 400 - 700 nm
    Measurement field 15 mm
    Measurement precision < 0,6 ΔE
    Repetition precision < 0,2 ΔE
    Illumination White LEDs
    Sensors 2 real color MCTS sensors 
    Operating system required Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
    Dimensions 60 x 110 x 40 mm
    Weight 120 g
    The delivery includes a unique software for "colorStriker". The software guarantees a true 
    reproduction of the measured colour on screen, as well as a direct visual comparison with 
    reference measurements, measurement values introduced manually, external references and 
    regulation colour charts according to the measurement carried out. Also, personalized colour 
    files can be created for comfortable useage. With the integrated texture library, you can 
    check the effect of the desired colour using diverse applications directly on screen, for 
    example, on top of stippled-finish paint, wood paneling or leather. 
    The software also provides the following properties for measuring colour:
    - Colour fields A and B (reference) for a true representation of the measured colour
    - Storage of Files individually or as a pair of A-B. Exportable, for example, to Excel
    - External reference values 
    - Manual input of CIELab colour values 
    - Measurement indicator for CIELab, CIExyz, sRGB and HCUC
    - Indicator of color difference between measurements A and B shown as ΔE
    - Texture library to check the colour effect of each measurement 
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