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Surface Testing Hammer HT 225E for determining concrete hardness / digital LCD display / voice announcement function with reading / robust and easy to use / USB interface / data memory for 200 measured data / software for data analysis

The surface tester HT 225E is designed for measurements of compression resistance on cement and a non-destructive material testing to determine the cement quality. The digital surface tester features an electric transformer which converts the number of rebounds into a measurement value, that is then shown on a display that is fully integrated into the surface tester. Furthermore the USB interface of the surface tester HT 225E allows a transfer of the measured data to a computer.


Thus the operator can fully concentrate on the test results, instead of simultaneously generating a time-consuming protocol. Due to the software the developed data can be downloaded from the surface tester within a short time, in order to process those. By means of the surface tester various parameters, e.g. lay direction, deformation factor, time factor, and carbonizing can be easily set. The surface tester additionally features a digital voice which vocalizes the determined results in English. This facilitates testing on locations that are hard to reach so that the display cannot be seen during testing.

Surface Testing - Schmidt Hammer HT 225E

  • Nominal cinematic energy 2,207 J (2,207 Nm)
    Spring constant 785 N/m
    Expansion of spring 75 mm ± 0,3 mm
    Calibration value (to calibration norm) 80 ± 2
    Radius of spherical tip 25 mm ± 1 mm
    Interface USB 2.0
    Data storage capacity for more than 200 values
    Display LCD, 176 x 220
    Power Supply 4 x AAA alkaline batteries 
    Weight 1.1 kg
    Dimensions Ø 54 x 280 mm
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