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The portable Tachometer Nova Strobe dbx is used to measure the revolutions and oscillations, as well as observation of movements. Thanks to the ergonomic design and weight of the Tachometer Nova Strobe dbx, measurements can be made even in places with difficult access. The flash frequency of the portable Tachometer Nova Strobe dbx is adjusted by a knob and read on screen. The portable Tachometer Nova Strobe dbx has additionally an input and output trigger, allowing for synchronization or external trigger. The power supply is via a rechargeable battery. This makes the portable Tachometer Nova Strobe dbx completely flexible and versatile in its use. Experience shows that the accumulator can be used for many years. The management of the portable Tachometer Nova Strobe dbx is performed by 6 keys on the front. The easy to read display with backlight, and a knob on the side allow for quick and easy handling. For more models of a Tachometer, consult our main page of Tachometers.

Tachometer Nova Strobe dbx

  • Frequency range 30.0 ... 20000.0 r.p.m. (flashes per minute)
    0.5 r.p.s. ... R.p.s. 333.33 (flashes per second)
    Adjustable via knob, keyboard or external trigger.
    Tachometer Indication of the revolutions with external trigger
    Range: 5.0 to 250,000 r.p.m. with optional sensor
    Resolution 0.01 r.p.m. to 1 r.p.m (adjustable)
    0.1 r.p.m. Max. resolution below 9999.99 r.p.m.




    ± 0.002% of displayed value or ± last digit
    ± 0.001% of displayed value or ± last digit
    Flash duration  from 10 µs to 25 µs
    Flash energy typ. 230 mJ / flash, 13 W average
    Flash tube xenon tube pluggable (type L1903)
    Battery life: 100 million flashes

    LC: 2 lines of 13 mm / Height of digits: 7 mm

    6 numeric digit and 5 alphanumeric digits

    Handling 6 keys on the front and rotating knob for revolutions setting on the side
    Battery NiMH internal rechargeable battery
    capacity: approx. 120 min.
    at 1800 r.p.m. or 60 min at 6000 r.p.m.
    Charging time: approx. 4 h to 5 h
    Input external Trigger , TTL signal up to max. 24 VDC
    Output synchronization with other equipment, pulse signal of 40 microseconds, 3.3 VDC
    Sensor power supply 6 VDC
    Power supply 6 VDC using NiMH rechargeable battery and internal
    Environmental conditions 0 ... 40 °C
    Dimensions Case: 93 mm x 90 mm ​​x 229 mm
    Reflector Housing: diameter 122 mm
    Handle: Length 108 mm
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