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Portable, battery-operated LED rev counter Nova Strobe dbl Kit for mobile use

The revolutions meter Nova Strobe dbl Kit is used for speed or vibration measurement or for motion observations. Its handy design and low weight make it easy to carry out measurements in hard-to-reach places with the rev counter. The flash frequency is set via a rotary knob on the tachometer or by key input and shown on the display. The device also has a trigger input and a trigger output, which enables external triggering or synchronization. The supply voltage is supplied by an internal rechargeable battery. With the Nova Strobe dbl a continuous operation with external power supply is possible.

Tachometer Nova Strobe pbl Kit

    1. Display LCD display with backlight
      Service 12 buttons on the view page, one LCD display and one side knob
      Dynamic knob The button with an incremental encoder adjusts the flash rate
      Frequency range 30 to 500,000 FPM (0.5 to 8,333.33 Hz)
      Flash Frequency Resolution: 0.01 FPM
      Accuracy: 0.002% of setting or +/- last digit
      Frequency setting via knob, keypad or external trigger signal
      Speedometer External speed trigger display: 0 to 500,000 rpm
      Accuracy: +/- 0.001% of display or +/- last digit
      Flash duration Adjustable up to 14 degrees / 3,000 μs max.
      Storage Last frequency is saved. Additional 6 different frequencies storable.
      Flash energy typ. 3000 LUX at a flash rate of 6,000 flashes per minute. Color temperature of 6,300 ° K
      Light source 12 high-power LEDs, brightness adjustable
      Operating time Battery capacity 8 to 10 hours at 1,800 FPM.
      Power supply 6V DC via internal rechargeable NiMH battery
      Trigger output Allows synchronization with other devices.
      Connection via 2-pin, 3.5 mm jack plug. The output is TTL compatible and corresponds to the flash frequency of the stroboscope. Trigger edge selectable (rising or falling edge).
      Trigger input Allows external triggering of the stroboscope.
      Connection via a 3-pin, 3.5 mm jack plug. The input is TTL-compatible (24 Volt max.)
      Minimum trigger pulse width: 500 ns
      The internal oscillator and the frequency adjustment knob are deactivated as long as a jack plug is inserted.
      External phase shift 0.1 to 359.9 degrees
      Time Delay 0.01 to 1,000 msec
      Virtual RPM This allows the target to be rotated virtually. 0 to 200 RPM
      Dimensions Housing body: 93 mm x 90 mm x 229 mm / 3.7 x 3.5 x 9 in
      Reflector housing: 122 mm /4.8 in, in diameter
      Handle: 108 mm / 4.3 in, in length
      Weight About 860 g / 1.9 lbs
      Operating temperature 0°C ... 40°C / 32°F ... 104°F
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