VT 204 Tachometer stands out due to its multi-functionality and excels at its ability of accurately measuring three dimensions of vibration. The device, as well as testing for vibration in motors, transmission, gears, wheels, and gear boxes, can also measure rotation of machine parts and rotating components. The attached acceleration sensor can be set flat, equipped with a magnet, or you can combine the sensor with the included fastening screw. Moreover, the internal frequency filters eliminate the effects of background noise allowing the device to detect specific vibrations. If you desire to transfer the readings from the Tachometer to a computer, order the optional software package.

Tachometer VT 204

  • Range Acceleration 0.5 to 199.9m/s²
    Velocity 0.5 to 199.9mms-1
    Variation 0.005 to 1.999mm
    Resolution Acceleration 0.1 m/s²
    Velocity 0.1 mm/s
    Variation 0.001 mm
    Accuracy Acceleration ±5% ±2 digits
    Velocity ±5% ±2 digits
    Variation ±5% ±2 digits
    Range of frequency 10 Hz to 1 kHz
    Revolution per minute (RPM)
    Measurement range Revolutions (optical) 10 to 99999 r.p.m.
    Revolutions (byr contact) 0.5 to 19999 r.p.m.
    Velocity 0.05 to 1999 m/min
    Resolution 0.1 r.p.m. (<1000 r.p.m.);
    1 r.p.m. (>1000 r.p.m.);
    0.01 m/min (<100 m/min)
    0,1 m/min (>100 r.p.m.)
    Accuracy ±0.05% of reading; ±1 digit
    Measurement distance 50 mm to 1500 mm / 2.0 in x 59.1 in (depending on surface)
    General properties
    Internal memory 1000 readings
    RS-232 port yes
    Display LCD with graphic bars
    Power 4 AA batteries
    Dimensions 188 mm x 76 mm x 47 mm
    7.4 in x 3.0 in x 1.9 in
    Operating conditions 0 ... 50 ºC / 32 ... 122 °F / <80% r.h.

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