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  • Ultra low profile design, easy for goods weighing in.
  • Strong mild steel construction with tread top plate.
  • Good protection for load cell.
  • Built-in one or two short ramps for space saving.
  • Selection of various weighing indicator according to your application.
  • Weighing units: kg / lb / HK Catty (depends on the indicator model). 
  • Suitable for weighing recycle bin and waste bin with wheels (eg. 120L / 240L / 660L)

TGM BP Ultra Low Profile Floor Scale

  • Model Capacity Inner Platform size
    F-TGXX-500K-BP0808M 500kg x 0.2kg 800(W) x 800(L)mm
    F-TGXX-500K-BP1010M 500kg x 0.2kg 1000(W) x 1000(L)mm
    F-TGXX-1T-BP1010M 1000kg x 0.2kg 1000(W) x 1000(L)mm
    F-TGXX-1T-BP1011M 1000kg x 0.2kg 1000(W) x 1000(L)mm
    F-TGXX-1T-BP0812M 1000kg x 0.2kg 800(W) x 1200(L)mm
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