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  • Weighing units: kg / lb / HK Catty (16Hex)
  • TGM-CS stainless steel indicator
  • 20mm height LED display
  • Tare and Unit switching
  • AC power / Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Stainless steel load plate
  • Robust painted steel scale base
  • Overload protection
  • Stainless steel indicator column (except platform size of 580mm x 690mm)
  • Operation temperature: 0oC to 40oC

TGM CS Bench Scale

  • Model Capacity Platform size
    B-TGCS-60M-3040M4P 60kg x 0.01kg 300 x 400mm
    B-TGCS-60M-3949M4P 60kg x 0.01kg 390 x 490mm
    B-TGCS-150M-3949M4P 150kg x 0.02kg 390 x 490mm
    B-TGCS-200M-3949M4P 200kg x 0.02kg 390 x 490mm
    B-TGCS-300M-5060M4P 300kg x 0.05kg 500 x 600mm
    B-TGCS-600M-5869M4P 600kg x 0.1kg 580 x 690mm
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