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The electric torque measuring device is made to measure opening and closing moments, independent of any position. The torque measuring device TI112 series supplies a range of 0 … 1000 Ncm. Through its low measuring inaccuracy of ± 0.5 % (max.) of the final value, the torque measuring device show the real values of torques. This comfortable device is equipped with 7 buttons to ensure an easy manoeuvring of the clear display. For a really fast evaluation of values, two hot keys with often needed key combination can be used. The values can be shown separately or as a curve of all values. Besides actual values, there will be measurements of min and max values. On an internal and additional memory the values can be saved. Via several interfaces (USB, RS-232, CAN) the values can be transmitted onto a PC and Laptop. The enclosed software helps to analyse the measured values. This high sophisticated torque measuring device is suitable for a lot of technical applications in R&D. Also in production and quality control, this torque measuring device delivers reliable and reproducible results

Torque Meter TI112-100NCM

  • Measuring range
    0 ... 20 Ncm
    0 ... 50 Ncm
    0 ... 100 Ncm
    0 ... 200 Ncm
    0 ... 500 Ncm
    0 ... 1000 Ncm
    Inaccuracy < ± 0.5 % of the final value
    Overload 10 % referred to M (max)
    Battery life time > 5 hours non stop operation
    Loading status monitoring display, alarm, automatic switch-off function
    Weight about 900 g
    Peak Value monitoring min / max 
    Upper and lower limit transistor switch contact, galvanic isolation
    RAM data memory 64 kbyte
    Additional flash memory no
    Internal memory of 
    - Values
    - 64 measurement value curves
    - 1024 measurement value curves
    Integrated counting memory for overloads yes
    Interfaces USB 2.0, RS-232, CAN (optional)
    Working temperature 0 ... +45 ºC
    Angle of rotation 180 º, software cotrolled
    Display Voltage supply graphical display, 64 x 128 pixel, display filter
    Input external trigger input, for example for HAL sensors
    Signal sound during overload or if limit value will be exceeded 
    Frequency 1000 Hz
    Other functions taring and erasure of peak values, accu and overload display, automatic switch-off, programmable, load dependent barograph display
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