The Digital Torque Meter TM 80 with external sensor to measure the torque moment in screws, components, switches, transmission shafts, etc. The Digital Torque Meter TM 80 is an affordable solution to easily perform torque measurements. The Digital Torque Meter TM 80 operates by rotatory movements to the left and right and it is ideal for the torque moment. The Digital Torque Meter TM 80 offers the option to enlarge the 1 digit resolution. The Digital Torque Meter TM 80 shows the Peak value as well as the max. and min. values. Use of the optional software allows real-time data can be continuously transferred to a PC or portable computer. The Digital Torque Meter TM 80 is very robust to ensure both long duration and reliability.

Torque Meter TM 80

  • Measurement range 147.1 Ncm / 13.02 lbfin / 15 kgfcm
     - High resolution
     - Low resolution
    0.1 Ncm / 0.01 lbfin / 0.01 kgfcm
    1 Ncm / 0.1 lbfin / 0.1 kgfcm
    Accuracy ±1.5 % + 5 digits
    Peak-hold function Yes
    Additional functions Data-hold / max. and min. / peak-hold
    Units Ncm, lbfin, kgfcm (Default is kgfcm)
    Overload protection Max. 150 %
    Output RS-232
    Software Optional
    Display LCD
    Operating temperature 0 ... +50 ºC, below 80 % RH
    Power supply 9 V battery
     - Main unit
     - External sensor
    Approx. 225 g
    Approx. 665 g
     - Main unit
     - External sensor
    180 x 72 x 32 mm
    Ø 48 x 160 mm

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