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The cyclone mill TW100 is especially designed for food and feed sample preparation. It is suitable for various analytical techniques, such as NIR near infrared spectroscopy, Kjeldahl nitrogen determination, fiber determination and solvent extraction. The special design of the rotary knife, grinding cavity and grinding screen not only ensures the sample is not affected by the heat so as to guarantee the grinding effect, but also makes the cleaning quick and convenient.


Work Principle

The samples enter the grinding chamber through the feed hopper (with anti-splashing function). Influenced by the air flow generated from the high speed rotating knife (impeller), the samples impact and frict intensely with the rotary blade and fixed screen so as to be crushed in a very short time. The crushed samples are driven by the turbine airflow to the receiving bottle in the low pressure area. The turbine airflow provides additional cooling conditions and cleaning functions, which guarantees the preservation of the ground samples. TW100 can provide very fast and convenient samples treatment, and it is suitable for various analytical techniques.

    Twister Mill TW100

    • Maximum feeding size < 10 mm
      Final fineness < 250μm
      Speed Setting 10000~16000rpm/min
      Rotor peripheral speed 82 m/s
      Batch feeding volume* < 250ml
      Rotor diameter 98mm
      Rated power 1100W
      Power supply  220V,50Hz
      Instrument size(W*D*H) 359*339*483mm
      Package size(W*D*H)  466*516*630mm
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