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The ultrasonic testing device / ultrasonic measuring device is used for non-destructive material testing. When testing with the ultrasonic testing device / ultrasonic measuring device, ultrasonic waves are sent through the test object using a test head. Ultrasound is reflected and scattered at interfaces between different materials with unequal density and wave impedance. After determining the transit time of the ultrasound through the test object, weld seams can be checked, wall thicknesses can be measured and component defects can be localized using the ultrasonic testing device.



  1. - Single or dual probe measurement
  2. - AVG and DAC evaluation methods- Speed of sound 1000 ... 15000 m/s
  3. - low weight
  4. - TFT color display
  5. - USB interface and software
  6. - Storage for up to 100 data sets

Ultrasonic Flaw Detector UFD 50

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