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The material test stand UTU 100 is a professional testing machine for the execution of tensile, compressive and bending tests. By means of these tests, the material test stand can determine important material characteristics, e.g. elongation, yield strength or tensile strength of the sample. With the material test stand UTU 100, tensile tests with a maximum force of 100 kN are possible. These tensile tests are a standardized, destructive process that is used in material testing.


Standardized samples with a defined cross-sectional area are stretched and broken by force. The elongation of the specimens by the material test stand is free of bumps and by uniform force. Among other things, the material test stand offers the possibility to determine the yield strengths, the tensile strength and the elongation at break of the tensile specimen. After the measurement, the material test stand provides detailed results, which are shown in the software, e.g. as a stress-strain diagram. Let us advise you in order to get the best fit for your specific application.