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Vibrating Wire Concrete Lining Stress is used to measure stress of tunnel lining, concrete lining in D-Wall, retaining wall. It is vibrating wire type and vibrating wire built in the gage body. Once the gage is strained, frequency of vibrating wire will be changed, At this time a plucking coil generate resonance frequency and send it to the measuring instrument. The measuring instrument will show this signal after changing it into strain. Then it is converted into stress by the given conversion factor and modulus of elasticity of shotcrete, and measured strain.

Vibrating Wire Concrete Lining Stress

  •  Type Vibrating Wire
     Range 3000 Micro Strain
     Sensitivity 1 Micro Strain
     Accuracy ±0.1% Full Scale
     Nonlinearity 0.5% Full Scale
     Temperature range -20°C ~ +80°C
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