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Vibrating Wire Piezometer is designed to supply water and measure water level for excavation wall, check the slope stability, measure pore pressure in embankment and soft ground, check the flow and leak of underground water in dams and banks. 
V.W. Piezometer is composed of diaphram, vibrating wire, plucking coil, temperature sensor and filter. once pressure is given to the diaphragm of pressure sensor, tension of vibrating steel wire is changed and plucking coil senses the changes in the frequency of vibrating wire. At this time, the primary coil generates a frequency signal on the vibrating wire, then the secondary coil sends the frequency to a measuring instrument. 
The measured frequency is converted into pressure through calibration factors.

Vibrating Wire Piezometer

  • Product V.W Piezometer
    Nonlinearity 0.5% full scale
    Range 300,500,700 kPa
    (Others per customer’s requirement)
    Dimensions Φ19×160mm
    Weight 0.16kg
    Filter 50 micron, stainless steel
    Temperature sensor Thermistor (standard)
    Temperature range -20°C ~ +80°C
    Resolution 0.025% full scale
    Material stainless steel
    Accuracy ±0.1% ~ ±0.3% full scale
    (in case of high capacity, ±0.5% ~ ±1% full scale)
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