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Vibrating Wire Rock Bolt is used to measure the axial force allowed in rock bolt to reinforce the rock during excavation at underground such as a tunnel, a communication duct, and a common utility duct. 
Measuring axial force delivered to rock bolt, decide effective depth, quantity of rock bolt and install more or not. 
Once load is made due to movements, relaxation, and joints of rock bases, an anchor body is slightly strained by axial force. 
Then it is delivered to V.W. Strain Gage which is attached to the anchor and measured the strain.

Vibrating Wire Rock Bolt

  •  Type Vibrating Wire
     Range Approx. 170 KN
     Accuracy ±0.1% full scale
     Operating temperature -20°C ~ +80°C
     Dimensions OD 27mm
    Length 2,3,4,5 M
    Measuring points : 2,3,4,5P
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