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Vibrating Wire Rod Extensometer is used to measure displacement of the surrounding ground, strain of a slope, and horizontal/vertical displacement of soils and rock bases in a tunnel which are caused by concentrating on excavation working at underground such as a tunnel, a communication duct, and a common utility duct. Once displacement happens due to movements, relaxation, and joints of rock bases, it is delivered to a rod by an anchor and measured by a displacement sensor.

Vibrating Wire Rod Extensometer

  •  Type Vibrating Wire
     Range 50mm
     Resolution 0.025% range
     Accuracy ±0.2% full scale
     Operating temperature -20°C ~ +80°C
     Dimensions Sensor OD 34mm
    Rod OD 26mm
    Length 2,3,4,6,8 M
    Measuring points : 3,4,5P
     Borehole size for installing Approx. 38mm
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