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The VM 3D Vibration Analyser provides quick and simple measurements of acceleration and displacement to check the acceleration of machines and construction parts, allowing for defects and larger unbalances to be determined. The VM 3D Vibration Analyser is able to record vibration in three dimensions: on the x-, y-, and z- axes. With a weight of only 305 g, the VM 3D Vibration Analyser proves to be a light and easy to use accessory in any workplace, whether it is a larger or smaller business that needs to measure oscillations in its machines. The determination of errors, defects, or larger unbalances can increase the life time of machines and engines significantly. By checking the oscillation movement of your machines by means of the Vibration Analyser you can prevent larger damages by locating the source of any problem. The large display of the VM 3D Vibration Analyser allows capturing momentary values as well as recording a whole vibration spectrum. The large display also features background lights and is very eligible. Additional measuring sensors and ISO certification can be purchased with the Vibration Analyser optionally.

Vibration Analyser VM 3D

  • Vibration acceleration 0.1 m/s² ... 400.0 m/s² (Peak)
    0.3 ft/s² ... 1312.3 ft/s² (Peak)
    (0 ... 40 g / 0.09 lb force)
    Vibration velocity 0.01 mm/s ... 400.0 mm/s
    4.0 x 10-4 in/s ... 15.7 in/s
    Vibration amplitude 0.001 mm ... 4.000 mm (Peak-Peak)
    4.0 x 10-5 in ... 0.16 in (Peak-Peak)
    Range of Frequencies
    Vibration velocity 10 Hz ... 10 kHz
    Vibration acceleration 10 Hz ... 10 kHz
    Vibration amplitude 10 Hz ... 10 kHz
    Resolution 0.25 Hz
    Accuracy ±5 %
    Interface RS-232C
    Batteries AA 1.5 V
    Surrounding temperature 0 ... +50° C / 32° F ... 122° F
    < 95 % rel. error
    Dimensions 130 mm x 70 mm x 30 mm
    5.1 in x 2.8 in x 1.2 in
    Weight 0.3 kg / 0.67 lbs
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