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The VM 40C Vibration Analyser or Accelerometer was designed for vibration and shock metering on buildings, bridges, towers, and other artificial structures. The Accelerometer measures vibrations in accordance to DIN 4150-3, BS 7385 and SN 640312A standards.


With its internal memory for up to 100,000 readings, the VM 40C Accelerometer can determine the effects of construction sites, traffic, or industrial processing on buildings over a long period of time. You can choose between time-based and event-based recording, as well as between recording of short-time and long-time vibrations. It is also possible to set threshold levels which trigger an alarm signal when exceeded. With the built-in GSM module (optional), the device can send you SMS notifications once the alarm is triggered.


The Accelerometer is very easy to use and can be configured for different applications in no time. The measured data can easily be viewed on the integrated display of the device. Here you can see the vibration speed in all 3 directions. The Accelerometer has an integrated NiMH battery which makes it suited for mobile use on-site. A mains / AC adaptor for stationary use is also included in delivery.


- Triaxial acceleration meter
- In accordance with BS 7385 standard
- Integrated NiMH battery
- FFT analysis, XYZ and vector sum display
- SMS alarm notifications via GSM (optional)

- Internal memory for up to 100,000 readings
- Mains  / AC adaptor included in delivery
- Easy to use
- Threshold function

Vibration Analyzer VM 40C

  • Measuring units Peak value of vibration speed
    Peak value of vibration acceleration
    Supported standards DIN 4150-3; BS 7385; SN 640312A
    Vibration sensor triaxial piezo-electric acceleration sensor
    Display range (peak) acceleration                                    0.001 ... 15 m/s²
    Display range (peak) speed 0.01 ... 2,400 mm/s at 1 Hz
    0.01 ... 30 mm/s at 80 Hz
    Accuracy (reference value: 16 Hz) ±3 %, ±2 digits, 100 Hz low pass
    ±3 %, ±2 digits, 398 Hz low pass
    Display LCD, b&w, 128 x 64 pixel, backlight
    3 peak values (x/y/z direction) or vector sum, main frequency, 50-lines FFT spectrum, battery status, date and time
    Alarm warning and alarm LEDs next to the display
    relay output (chargeover contact, max. 100V DC / 2 A)
    GSM modem Quad band (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz) (optional)
    SMS alarm function SMS notification when alarm is triggered
    SMS contains x/y/z readings, frequency, date, and device name
    Additional GSM functions Phone call with headset (optional VM40-HS adaptor) (optional)
    Memory Built-in micro-SD card
    Max. 100,000 readings (x/y/z, frequency, date, time, device name)
    Analogue digital convertor 24 bit, sigma-delta
    USB interface USB 2.0, CDC mode, via VM2x-USB cable
    Battery NiMH, 4.8 V, charging time: 10 h
    No battery power consumption when connected via USB (e.g. to an USB powerbank or a USB mains / AC adaptor)
    Battery service life 5 ... 15 days, depending on the temperature and duty cycle
    Languages German, English
    Temperature range -20°C ... 60°C / -4°F ... 140°F
    Protection class IP 64
    Dimensions 150 mm x 140 mm x 80 mm
    / 5.9 in x 5.5 in x 3.1 in
    Weight 2 kg / 4.4 lbs
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