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The viscometer / viscosity meter has a measuring range of 27…. 5250 cp and an accuracy of +1% of the measuring range. The viscometer is used, for example, in quality control of production processes. In addition, the viscometer is particularly used in laboratories of all kinds. Due to the wide measuring range, it is possible to carry out a wide range of measurements with the viscometer. This allows the viscosity of paints, paints, oils and other liquids to be precisely determined with the viscometer.

The 5" LCD touchscreen enables easy operation of the viscometer. The measured values ​​from the viscometer are displayed during the measurement. At the same time, the measured values ​​are graphically displayed on the viscometer in order to obtain a course of the viscosity.

The external temperature sensor on the viscometer can be used to ensure that the sample is at the correct temperature. This allows the measurement results to be compared with other samples, since the temperature has an influence on the viscosity. Thus, the temperature measurement is an essential part of the determination of the viscosity.

With the optional software, the viscometer can be connected to a PC. The software displays the measured values ​​from the viscometer live during a measurement. The individual measuring points are displayed in a table as well as graphically. The recorded measured values ​​can be exported as a .csv file for further processing.

- Measuring range 27 ... 5250 cp
- Automatic shutdown in case of overload
- Fixed rotation speed of 200 RPM
- Optional software for live viewing
- KU1 spindle included in delivery
- Large touch screen for easy operation

Viscosity Meter RVI 8

  • Viscosity  
    Measuring range 40.2 ... 141 KU
      27 ... 5250 cp (1cP = 1 mPa*s)
      32 ... 1099 g
    Resolution 0.1 KU
      1 cp
      1 g
    Accuracy ±1 % of full scale
    Measuring range -20 ... 250 °C / -4 ... 482 °F
    Resolution 0.1 °C
    Accuracy ±0.3 °C
    Spindle KU1
    Rotation speed 200 RPM
    Measuring cup volume   600 ml
    Display 5" LCD touchscreen
    Power supply primary: 100 ... 240 V AC, 0.5 A
      secondary: 12V DC, 2 A
    Operating conditions 5 ... 35 °C / 41 ... 95 °F, (20 °C / 68 °F recommended temperature)
      <80 % non-condensing
    Dimensions 420 x 180 x 300 mm / 16.5 x 7.1 x 11.8"
    Weight ca. 5 kg / 11 lb
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