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The water resistant PH 22 pH Meter quickly detects the pH value and temperature. Thanks to its split display it can show the pH value and temperature reading simultaneous with this pH Meter. Its durable enclosure is water resistant up to IP 67 and can be used in adverse weather conditions. Recalibration of the device always ensures that readings are accurate and it is easy to do with the help of the calibration kit. The automatic calibration is done via the keypad and without the need for calibration screws. This pH Meter has an electrode integrated into its enclosure and the readings are adjusted automatically for temperature compensation. If you are looking for a pH meter with an external electrode which is connected by way of a cable, we recommend the 228.

Water Analysis Meter PH 22

  • Measurement range 0.0 to 14.0pH
    -5 to 80.0°C
    Resolution 0.01pH
    Accuracy ±0.02pH
    Calibration automatic at pH 4,7 or 10
    Temperature compensation -5 to 80ºC
    Display 4 digit LCD
    Operating conditions 0 to 60°C / <80% r.h.
    Dimensions 186 x 40mm
    Power 4 AAA batteries
    Weight 130g
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