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Monitoring of ground water table has assumed great significance in view of depleting ground water reserves. The basic measurement of ground water level can be done by Open Standpipe or constructing observation wells. Encardio-rite model EPP-10/6 water level sounder is widely used for measurement of water level in boreholes, wells, casagrande piezometers and standpipes. It is accurate, robust, light weight and convenient to use



  1.  Low cost, reliable and accurate
  2.  Simple to read, with audio and visual green LED signals.
  3. Portable, light weight and easy to carry.
  4.  Flat cable with steel graduated tape is high tensile, virtually nonexpandable, water proof and corrosion resistant.
  5. Tape graduations available in meter with resolution of 1 mm or in feet with resolution of 0.1” standard.
  6.  Tape locking arrangement provided.

Water Level Meter 30M

  • Tape Length ‘L’ (m) 30, 50, 100
    Resolution (for tape length in m) 1 mm standard
    Cable/Tape High tensile virtually nonexpandable, non-stretch, PE insulated flat steel tape
    Tape/Cable Size 10 mm wide x 2 mm thick
    Probe Stainless steel with 12.7 mm diameter
    Power Supply 9 V PP-3 size battery
    Audio Signal Sound buzzer
    Visual Signal Green LED light signal
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